Monday, October 5, 2009

no answers

Sorry about the gap in updates... but been kinda busy with a whole range of things... We still haven't heard back about ds... we went to his 4 year vaccinations last week and our doc doesn't think we have to worry... easily said when it's not your child... He is still very very tired.. complains about pains in his legs ..... we've started him up on an iron vitamin mixture to see if that helps.... so far no result... We have an appt with dd's oncologist in 14 days... so we are waiting to see if the iron helps or not.. if not we will take ds with us and ask our oncs advice.
Other things that are happening here... dd had pigtails in her hair for the first time ever... sounds ludicrous but this actually means alot to me her mom... She was ecstatic... dancing around ... so very proud... wonderful to see.. For those that know me personally i have her pics on my fb.
Tomorrow we are going to take the kids to legoland... and pretend to be a normal family... i love these days out when you get to pretend that nothing has gone wrong and we are a normal family...

Stresses these past 14 days have been based on the fact that our caseworker wants me to return to work... despite the fact that our onc has written clearly that it is in DD's best interest if i continue to have leave... due to the high risk of infection and the fact that dd has not finished her vaccinations... My head is in turmoil.. i work in a hospital.... in hospitals there are sick people... sick people with nasty germs.... and i am dreading the possibility of me transmittin some of those yucky germs to dd... not intentionally of course but half the time we are notified of the nasty infectious diseases after the effect... hence i at 5 months pregnant came in to contact with a patient with meningitis... and another with chicken pox.... when i was pregnant with dd.... the fear then about what if i transmitted it to the baby... is not a 10th of how i feel about transmitting a disease to my immunosurpressed child...

anyway it's now time to go to bed to get ready for a fun day out tomorrow..

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