Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy birthday darling boy....

I should have posted this yesterday.... DS turned 4... 4 wonderful years of being his mom... i am blessed. The reason it wasn't posted yesterday is simple.. I was celebrating my sons birthday.. and what a day it was... We woke early... and went to collect the cake... ds was ecstatic about that... it was huge!! Then at 10am 22 children from his kindergarten came to visit... omg what fun. DD had a fabulous time too interacting with all those mmr vaccinated children... yeay what a day.. And daddy came home early too.. whooopeee.. When the kindergarten kids had gone home we had a wonderful afternoon... building lego... and i only had to remind dh two times that the whole point of building with lego is that i can be broken down and rebuilt... what is it with men that they seem to think you build it once and then have to play with it.. I also had to remind him that it was ds's present and not his ... lol.. typical man..
Today was a bonus day for me.. I got to go out for the day... DH was home and watched dd.. it was so nice.. i went past my workplace (i'm on long term leave due to dd illness) and then i went to a nice cafe and had lunch... oh and i joined a gym!!
so thats my update for now.. it's bedtime..

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